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Swimming pool with Jacuzzi

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Pool "sea" water!

Spa "Mermaid" has an indoor pool where you like to take the time to figure his swim, also simply relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy the gurgling of water around until you feel how the jets massage your skin. This underwater massage improves blood circulation, relaxes and relieves muscle tension, restores powers of the body.

SPA complex "Rusalka" introduced a new method for disinfecting and maintaining the purity of water, namely hydrochloric electrolysis.

* Due to the chemical process of electrolysis, the salt is converted to chlorine, a strong disinfectant that dissolves instantly in the water and destroys the bacteria and microorganisms vodorastli;

* Obtain pure water without the use of chemicals;

* Prevent the unpleasant smell of chlorine and redness of the eyes;

* Brackish water contains minerals and chemical elements that are very favorable to the human body;

* Improves blood circulation, tightens to sadinitelnata tissue and skin becomes softer.