SPA Therapy

Oxygen mesotherapy

50.00 lv.

30 min.

Oxygen mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method that directly in the dermis are inserted cocktails that improve metabolism, blood circulation and the state of the lipid layer and the skin itself, such treated fat deposits on the thighs, hips, waist, abdomen, hands.

In order to saturate the skin with extra oxygen, scientists - physiologists together with doctors - cosmetologists have developed a new method received the name oxygen mesotherapy. The basis of this method stands to impact stream of pure 90-95% oxygen, which is supplied under pressure and is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Prepared powerful saturation of tissues with oxygen, which activates the cellular level and regulates all vital processes.

The main objective is to protect cells of early weight loss and at the same time to achieve elasticity by strengthening collagen and elastin.
Unlike traditional mesotherapy in oxygen therapy No needles, no pain sensations and side effects such as redness, swelling and risk of complications. The procedure is based on that the cells receive oxygen from the outside, not through the blood.
This will result in increased absorption of active ingredients for cosmetic preparations and after the procedure for a long time nourish and enrich the skin. Normalizes metabolism, accelerate processes of regeneration, restored healthy looking skin.

Oxygen mesotherapy is a real alternative to mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and Botox, but without needles and pain. Her risks are minimized, the result is achieved gradually and is a very good solution for those who do not want a drastic change. Oxygen mesotherapy is completely safe and can be applied in all areas of the face. It does not cause wax color - rather, the skin looks radiant and pink after treatment. It is important to note that the oxygen mesotherapy no contraindications, side effects and age restrictions. It activates the lymphatic system, stimulates circulation, optimal revitalizes and refreshes the skin thoroughly, improves its texture, prevents wrinkles and has a lifting effect.

After 8-10 treatments skin regains softness, elasticity and life tone, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Then you need 1 month maintenance treatments. It is desirable to make 2 times in 2 year course of 10 treatments. Very good results were obtained in skin with acne. To enhance the effect of oxygen therapy is administered in combination with ampoules depending on the desired result - anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-acne and more.

Spa "Rusalka" Oxygen mesotherapy is performed with modern apparatus OXYMAT 3 oxygen concentrator with guaranteed German quality.

Oxygen mesotherapy:
> Activates the lymphatic system
> Stimulates circulation and broth
> Optimal revitalizes and refreshes the skin thoroughly
> Improves skin texture
> Visibly improves the condition of problematic skin / acne /
> Prevent wrinkles
> Tightens Skin
> Contributes to a lifting effect
> Removes dark circles, bags under the eyes
> Shrinks enlarged pores
> Removes the negative visual impact of broken capillaries
> There are anti-cellulite effect

* Oxygen mesotherapy Face - minimum length - 40 minutes.
* Oxygen mesotherapy of face and neck - minimum length - 60 minutes.
* Oxygen mesotherapy of the face, neck and neck - minimum length - 90 minutes.
* Oxygen mesotherapy of eye contour - minimum length - 20 minutes.
* Infusion of pure oxygen facial - minimum length - 40 minutes.

Inhaling pure oxygen
Duration 30 min., Price - 15 lev

How oxygen affects the body:
> Releases extra energy;
> Slows cell aging;
> Improves the color and condition of the skin;
> Purifies the blood and strengthens immunity;
> Aids concentration and improves memory;
> Improves sleep, digestion, eyesight;
> Contributes (nonpharmacological) to lower the weight;
> Contributes (environmentally) to remove headache;
> Used for the prophylaxis and treatment of asthma, allergies, airways disease;
> Strengthens the heart, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease;
> Strengthens and stabilizes the nervous system;
> Increases the physical and sexual activity;
> Increased durability;
> Increases the effectiveness of training up to 25%;
> Speeds recovery forces after physical and mental stress;
> Removes hangover;
> Improves the tone and mood;