SPA Therapy

Phyto drainage of face

40.00 lv.

25 min.

Lymph accumulation in the area of ​​the face is one of the characteristics of aging. In the area of ​​the person receiving the so-called lymph sacs - bloating. They are around the eyes, eyebrows, at the end of the eye to the cheekbone, over the fold which is formed between the end nose and the lips, and in the lower part of the face. At younger ages morning edema and bloating are spread within a few hours. With aging, this process is difficult and sooner or later comes a condition in which swelling become part of the pattern of the face. A person with such problems always seem tired and complexion of his skin loses its blyasak.Za can lymph function properly, it must provide its movement. Visible effect is when applied massage techniques "phyto drainage" of a person.

At the most important actions of massage include:

Removes edema and circles under the eyes

It nourishes the skin with nutrients and oxygen

Tones mimic muscles

Increased elasticity of the connective tissue

Shrinks pores, removes dead cells and comedones

Preventing the formation of wrinkles

It relieves tension, skin shines, appears a smile.