SPA Therapy

Matrix-rhythm therapy

80.00 lv.

50 min.

Matrix-arrhythmic therapy is a basic therapy in scientific medicine of the 21st century and is based on the fact that all cells of biological systems vibrate rhythmically lifetime. This therapy is a modern therapeutic method in general and sports medicine prolonged therapeutic effect on chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, sports injuries and contusions. Matrix-arrhythmic therapy is a practical consequence of years of fundamental scientific research of German scientists led by Dr. Ulrich Randall of the University "Erlagen" -g. Nuremberg, Germaniya.Pri this therapy uses a special device - "MATRIX", which affects the cellular level. By mechanical vibration that vibrates synchronously with the vibrations of the human cell, attack the cell nucleus and helps to restore the normal balance.

The human body constantly vibrates at a frequency 8-12 vibrations per second. This is not a scientific novelty and the result achieved and studied for more than 10 years in the use of high-tech Videomicroscopes. These vibrations are visible to the naked eye under certain super-states due to the high voltage.

While myocardial muscle pump blood to the finest arteries and transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells, he needs rhythmically vibrating skeletal muscles to facilitate the movement of metabolic products in the connective tissue. If there is any problem muscle, vibrations are reduced and the cell can not be operated normally, and this causes a change in muscle or nervous tissue. Namely maintenance of normal vibration is based on Matrix-arrhythmic therapy. After implementation tissue become elastic and participate in the reconstruction of the body. Matrix-arrhythmic therapy is penetrating and causing physiological pulsations at the cellular level. The large effect of the therapy is to improve the cell structure and physiological processes as a whole. This is a new and effective solution for prevention and treatment of pain in the neck, back and waist, which suffers today every third person.

This therapy is combined successfully with methodology "Garabitov" as a result of which achieved three world records in healthy weight loss.

Matrix-arrhythmic therapy has proven to be highly effective method of treatment without side effects and has been used successfully in the following cases:
• To reduce swelling, hematoma, problems with the lymphatic circulation and postoperative conditions
• In order to improve the elasticity of skin
• to adjust the local muscle spasms
• To improve the limited mobility of the joints
• For the removal of acute and chronic pain in stretched muscle, migraine
• In order to improve the regeneration of nerve
• To improve the condition of chronic degenerative diseases - rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis
• To speed up the metabolism and activation of the immune system
• To remove cellulite
• To lift the bust

PRICES -1.00 lev / 1 min.
Minimum duration of a procedure 40 min.