Madal Bal

120.00 lv.

Madal Bal is a natural product composed of six types of pure syrup - 5 palm syrup with the addition of maple. 100% natural product - clean, without artificial additives, preservatives, sweeteners and colorings!
Medal Bal e 100% natural product that is preferred by people all over the world!

The recipe of natural tree syrup brand Madal Bal was established in Switzerland. It brings together six types of pure syrup - 5 types of high quality palm syrups from Southeast Asia and syrup from Canadian maple "bird's eye" extra "C" quality. It took several years and thousands of tests to make a mixture that meets all the requirements of the Programme Feeling of rejuvenation.
Production of the brand Madal Bal subject to thorough and uncompromising quality control. Use only the highest quality fresh and woody juice from specially selected trees growing in natural environment away from industrial zones and chemical influence.

Medal Bal perform a very important function in the inner purification and renewal of organizmka:

Clearing the body of toxins

Removing excess weight

A source of vitamins and minerals

Strengthens the immune system

rejuvenates cells

A deep and healthy sleep

Increases blesaka Hair

improves digestion

Natural source of energy

Helps in the treatment of flu and colds

Beautiful and young skin

500ml - 55 leva.

1000ml - 105lv.