Lymphatic drainage of the whole body

50.00 lv.

50 min.

Lymphatic drainage of the whole body

Lymph is a clear fluid that moves in lymphatic vessels and purified from lymph nodes. To cleanse the lymph is very important to pump the lymphatic system manually. When you lead an active lifestyle, the system is purified alone. But when we are sick we recommended drinking plenty of water and rest in large doses. The downside of the long holiday during illness is that we do not move and thus lymph not move our bodies.

Massage is a physiological way to treat swelling in the skin and subcutaneous lymph circulation and regeneration. The massage improves the flow of lymph, displays toxins and slags from the body, relieves swelling. As a result, the containers start to more effectively carry blood between the heart and organs, and regeneration processes in the body is accelerated.

Edema and swelling in various body areas are the result of retention of lymph fluid and are prepared, where the muscle tendons in the pass. These are areas of the ankles, knees, buttocks. Cellulite is a phenomenon provoked by the arrest of lymph. Therefore Massage has a great effect on cellulite. When the procedure is applied to the body, she modeled. This improves blood circulation, are released zones in which is retained lymph fluid, as a result of which result in a change in the tissue which is pinched blood vessels. It is known that the retention of lymph is the basis of the oncological diseases. Therefore, this massage is prevention against them.

Therapy is famous for its ability to activate the functioning of the nervous and immune systems. There are outstanding results as:

reduces swelling

detoxifies the body

regenerate tissues

reduces wrinkles

Heal wounds and burns

Anti-aging effect

Vazpaleniya- soothes chronic otitis, bronchitis and sinusitis

Eliminating chronic pain and fatigue

relieves constipation

Relieves insomnia, impaired memory

returns vitality

relieves stress

reduces cellulite