SPA Therapy

Ion detox

40.00 lv.

30 min.

Detoksikatorat is a high-tech device that through a water bath of feet with electrodes made of copper and stainless steel, purifies the body of toxins while stimulating the balance of bioenergy us - both physical and mental. Penetrate the human body negative ions restore normal electrical potential of cells and stimulate release of accumulated toxins in the cells, resulting in recovering the ability of cells to function and "samoochistvat" normal.

The device implements practical this opportunity through a 30-minute completely harmless SPA treatment that results can be seen immediately and even laboratory tests. This leads to purification of the body, restoring the normal functioning of organs and a general improvement in the condition of the body.

Results ion detoxification:

• Release the body of accumulated heavy metals, fats and toxins;
• It stimulates the immune system and activates the activity of cells and tissues;
• Improve be metabolism and metabolism;
• achieved reductions in blood pressure and blood sugar;
• Improves the kidneys and liver;
• relieves pain from arthritis, headaches and migraines;
• Implemented prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
• Helps overcome skin problems (acne, wrinkles, etc.);
• stimulated the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
• Improves the quality of sleep and memory;
• normalize body weight;
• Implemented a comprehensive physical "body" of the body.

During the 30-minute procedure water clear and colorless turns solid dark color, with numerous dark particles. In practice, cleared the lymphatic and circulatory systems are released nervous and bone systems. The inner detoxification includes separation of parasites and purification of the liver, resulting in less water retention in the body, reducing inflammation, improving memory, better bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system and significantly relieve pain, including migraine and arthritis.

The full course of treatment, that are exempt up to 80% of the toxins in the human body is 10-15 procedures made within a month and a half once a year.