Spa procedures

Finnish sauna

30.00 lv.

120 min.

The sauna is primordial tradition and the Finnish way of life and it spread outside of Finland in the 70s of the 19th century. Since then going wide as one of the classic thermal spa and today is represented in every SPA center. The sauna is hot and humid room room lined with wood, where the temperature reaches to about 80-100 ° C and the humidity is about 30%. The room has 2 floors of benches and benches. Heating it becomes a special electric stove, which are volcanic rocks. The moisture in it is achieved by pouring scented water on the stones of the stove. There are no specific requirements for heat-moisture ratio in the sauna. It is what for you is best. In any case, the high temperatures of the room are supported only at a suitable humidity. Therefore, slowly pour water on the stove and wait a bit until you find that you feel better. Optionally, customers are offered a variety of herbs and spices in order the perfect combination of steam and aromatic essential oils, which enhance the effect of ordinary dry sauna. Flavoring sauna is based on the therapeutic effect of fragrances on the whole organism. Inhalation of lavender, myrrh or eucalyptus essence is recommended for the lungs and airways. A stay in the sauna is within 8 to 15 min., Followed by cooling procedure. In the original after using the sauna Finns are jumping naked into the icy cold lake. Recommended residence time: 2-3 sessions for 15-20 minutes. (Sauna), 20-30 minutes. (Rest) after cooling procedure every week.
The effect of the sauna is always very positive for the organism. The combination of high temperature in the sauna and the subsequent sharp cooling, with short breaks between them, improves circulation and immune system, has a positive impact on clean skin. Frequent visits to the sauna are the perfect remedy for stress, and are indispensable to purify the body of toxins. Alternating cycles of cooling and warming zhiznenitre stimulate body functions, increase resistance abilities, regulate blood pressure and improve heart function.

Besides being an induction procedure as part of overall therapy spa, sauna can be used completely independently. In combination with massage then have a strong positive effect on the psyche of the bather.